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Before sending us an email, we do recommend reading the FAQ below!

Our FAQ section contains the answers and solutions to most of the questions and issues you may face. But if there’s anything we’ve missed there, we’ll gladly assist you in solving your trouble here.

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Is using marijuana as beneficial as they say?
Should I send you my ID copy or medical marijuana prescription?
What are your working hours?
Can I use a pseudo or the other person’s name when placing an order?
Can I buy from your website if I’m outside Canada?
Is it legal to ship cannabis by mail if I order it online?
Is sharing my personal information with you safe?
Сomplaints and Delivered Product Issues
I received a damaged product. What should I do?
I’m not satisfied with the quality of the product.
Ordering Details
Do you ship cannabis discreetly?
Can I edit my order after it is placed?
Do you have a physical store to visit?
What if my order doesn’t fit my mailbox?
Payment Details
Is there any purchase limit for new clients?
What payment options do you offer?
I’ve sent the money, but my order is still on hold. What’s the reason?
What are the reasons my transfer hasn’t reached your payment system?
Do you include tax in the price?
Shipment and Delivery
How soon will you ship my order after the payment is confirmed?
Why would I want a “Signature on Delivery”? What is it?
How soon will my package arrive?
My order hasn’t arrived. What should I do?
How do I get the tracking number?
The tracking number is not working. What should I do?
My delivery has a “Successfully Delivered” status, but I still haven’t received it.
What if my order is lost?
Do you guarantee delivery?