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Gorilla Bomb AA


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Earn up to 130 Points.

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Introducing Gorilla Bomb AA, the perfect Hybrid Cannabis for experienced and novices alike. This hybrid’s tantalizing flavor profile features delectable notes of chocolate and diesel, along with sweet pine, sour and earthy aromas. The high THC content of 27% is sure to trigger a body high like no other. With energizing and uplifting effects in perfect balance with its relaxing elements, it’s ideal as an evening pick-me-up or daytime companion.

From easing pain associated with chronic disease to helping consumers relax after a difficult day, Gorilla Bomb AA offers many areas of medicinal support such as stress relief, alleviation of mood swings and fatigue, muscle spasms relief, and more. has a plethora of options for purchase so you can get the Gorilla Bomb AA you need in no time!

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14g, 28g, 3.5g, 4oz, 7g


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