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Pre-Rolls – 5 Pack


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Earn up to 20 Points.

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Looking for a high-quality, convenient smoking option? Get Green’s Pre-Rolls are made with only the best flower, so you can enjoy a great smoking experience without any hassle. Each pack comes with five pre-rolls, so you can share them with friends or keep them all to yourself – whichever you prefer! Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just getting started, Get Green’s pre-rolls are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a great smoking experience without any fuss.

  • Approx 0.6g-0.75g per joint
  • Each pack has 5 joints

Additional information


Acapulco Gold, Jedi Kush, Chocolope, Thin Mint Cookies, Birthday Cake, Super Silver Haze, Shogun, Durban Poison, Candyland, Lucid Blue, Harlequinn, Jet Fuel, Sour Pineapple, Frankie Incense Haze, Pink Lemonade, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Master Kush, Lemon Haze, Mandarin Sunset, MK Ultra, Zombie OG, Tuna Kush, Jack Herer, Bruce Banner, Grease Monkey, Girl Scout Cookies, Ghost Train Haze, Amnesia Haze, Pink Tuna, Green Crack, Congolese, Super Lemon Haze, Pink Kush, Death Bubba, Sweet Skunk, Tangie Haze, Lemon Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, LA Confidential, Huckleberry, Trainwreck, Slurricane, Gorilla Glue #4, Jedi Kush, Pineapple Express, Chemo Kush, Chernobyl, Cherry Pie, Comatose, Northern Lights, Purple Punch, Biscotti, King Louie XIII, Grand Daddy Purple, MAC – 1, Mc Flurry, Mango Haze, Hawaiian Haze, Incredible Hulk, Pink Candy Kush, Strawberry Cream, Bubba Kush, Nuken, Gods Green Crack, Grand Daddy Purple, Mandarin Sunset, Northern Lights, Hawaiian Haze, Purple Haze, Candyland, Harlequinn, Master Kush, Blueberry Haze, Black Tuna, Hashberry, Black Mamba, Kilimanjaro, Lavender Haze, Laughing Buddha, Master Tuna, Zombie Kush, Mandarin Cookies, Orange Cookies, Hidden Pastry, Money Maker, Ace of Spades, Green Dragon, Skittlez, Skywalker OG, Jager, Forbidden Fruit, Tutankhamen, Mimosa, Blackberry Kush, Kush Berry, Pink Bubba, Purple Bubba, Agent Orange, Kush Berry, Green Scout Cookies, Ice Cream, Red Diesel, Tahoe OG, Huckleberry, Grape Ape, Wedding Cake, Super Kush, White Death, Afghani, BC OG Sour Diesel, Blueberry Diesel, Blue Rhino, Chemdawg, Chocolate Thai, Clementine, GMO Cookies, Hindu Kush, Green Crack, King Tut, Mendo Breath, Moby Dick, Pineapple Punch, Sensi Star, Sour Amnesia, Strawberry Cough, Super Kush, Tranquil Elephantizer, Tropicana Cookies, White Fire, Romulan, El Chapo, Critical Mass, Ice Wreck, OG Shark, Lemon Wreck, Larry OG, Citrique, White Shark, Orange Crush, Orangeade, Shogun, Orange Creamsicle, Tangerine Dream, Og Pink, Og Shot


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